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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Commando Nos.4699 to 4672

The latest batch of Commando comics were released a few days ago. Here's the info directly from DC Thomson...

Commando Issues 4699-4702 – On sale 24th April 2014

Commando No 4699 – Ground Attack!

The Hurricanes of the Desert Air Force were rightly feared by the men of the Afrika Korps. Screaming in from the searing blue skies, their guns wrought massive destruction. Pilot Officer Billy Hammond was one of the best of the ground attack boys, lightning fast, deadly accurate.
   So they sent him to a new squadron with new kites and new weapons — PP-3s, fearsome three-inch air-to-ground rockets. The only problem was that they had sent him to a squadron where an old enemy waited. One on his own side!

Story: Peter Grehan
Art: Carlos Pino
Cover: Carlos Pino

Commando No 4700 – The Silver Bugle

This is the story of Sam Curtis, light infantry commander, of the silver bugle that went with him to war, and of the fighting tradition that began nearly two centuries before, with the first raid of the light “Bobs” on the enemy-held island of Walcheren, and the day a dreadful curse fell on the Domburg windmill…


Reading the title and looking at Alvaro’s thunderous cover, you might be expecting a story about a haunted bugle (or something of the sort). If you are, disappointment awaits. Not that this isn’t a good story, because it is, but because the Bugle very much plays second fiddle (sorry!) to the two principal characters and the gulf that divides them. It’s classic Commando warfare…between men on the same side.
   Sostres’ inside art helps the mix along, with a striking mix of highly-detailed images backed with broader sweeps of the brush, his faces and expressions very nicely drawn.
   So, follow the bugle’s call and try out what was originally titled Short Step Into Danger.

Calum Laird, Commando Editor

Silver Bugle, originally Commando No 137 (October 1964), re-issued as No 711 (January 1973)

Story: Eric Hebden
Art: Sostres
Cover: Alvaro

Commando No 4701 – Dangerous War

Lieutenant Jason Spark and his Commando team had completed another hazardous mission — blowing up an enemy radar station in Occupied France. While beating a hasty retreat, they found an unexpected prize — a high-ranking German officer who could provide the Top Brass with valuable secrets and intelligence.
   All Jason’s team had to do was bring their captive in alive. Little did they know that even if they did that, an even more dangerous assignment would await them…

Story: George Low
Art: Olivera
Cover: Janek Matysiak

Commando No 4702 – Operation “Viking”

Norway, a proud country, lay under Nazi rule. Slowly signs of resistance began to show, the beginning of a bitter war against the invaders.
   And although the defiant days of the marauding Vikings of old were long past, it was said that in one remote fiord the battle was being waged to the limit by the ghost of a Viking berserker many centuries dead…


Norway, with its icy Scandinavian landscapes and rich, Viking heritage, is an ideal setting for a Commando adventure. Set against the German occupation, here we have a brilliant yarn with a supernatural edge and a Berserker legend at the heart of it. 
   Featuring some exciting interior art by Denis McLoughlin and Ron Brown’s atmospheric underwater cover, we hope you agree that this is great fun. You’d go berserk if you missed out!

Scott Montgomery, Deputy Editor

Operation “Viking”, originally Commando No 2313 (September 1989), re-issued as No 3875 (January 2006)

Story: Alan Hemus
Art: Denis Mcloughlin
Cover: Ron Brown


Big D said...

These look pretty good. I might pick up a couple on payday.

Lew Stringer said...

Yes, they do a good job with them. I haven't seen these issues myself yet but it's good to know that Carlos Pino is still getting work.

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