Monday, May 04, 2015

Comic oddities: My Cartoon Annual 1984

Here's a strange book that turned up in the shops in 1983: My Cartoon Annual, a 64 page full colour hardback priced at £2.75. (Although I picked it up when it was remaindered for £1.) 

If the characters are unfamiliar it's because all of the contents of My Cartoon Annual are reprints from Spanish comics, translated into English. The book is copyright Opal Quill Limited, and was printed in Spain. The company also did a few adventure comics annuals (again, all reprint I believe). 

The art styles are energetic and fun, the stories range from mundane to quirky, the translations are a bit awkward in places and the re-lettering in English is unrestrained and lively. The end result is an enjoyable humour compilation which made a refreshing change from the UK comics of the time.

Here's a few selected pages from the book. I hope you enjoy them... 

UPDATE: My thanks to Ruth Bernárdez for identifying the artists of the strips. Ruth writes:

The New Job is By Manuel Vazquez. This, I believe, is from a long series called La Familia Cebolleta (the Cebolleta Family (cebolleta translate to english as Spring Onion, or Scallion).

Zippy and Zappy (Zipi y Zape) are by Escobar. A genius cartoonist sadly gone.

Yolande is by Nebot.

I'm trying to think what Ben Bore was called in Spain but can't remember now. The artist is RAF.

Swindle and co is by Rojas de la Cámara. 


James Spiring said...

I think I've identified Ben Bore. Don Pelmazo Bla, bla, bla... y las mil latas que da (often shortened to Don Pelmazo, which translates to Don Bore). The shipwrecked thing appears to be a short term storyline, as he's usually in an urban setting.

Here's an example of Don Pelmazo.

Manic Man said...

always good and interesting to see..

I'm a fan of French artist Pierre Seron, who has done some nice comics, but while reprinted around the world and translated, English seams to have never been picked. "Les Centaures" is a very popular one of his but, since my French isn't good at all, I've only had bits and pieces to go on... a shame.. European comics seam to be the ones more rarely translated into English and often can have a very colourful lively style.

Lew Stringer said...

Thanks James!

Manic, lots of European comics have appeared in English editions published by Cinebooks in recent years. Check out their website:

Manic Man said...

ah.. nice collection of stuff.. but sadly, no Seron ( is his out of date site)

thanks though ^_^ I didn't know about them.

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