Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The latest Doctor Who Magazine

You can't go wrong with Daleks on the cover and this new CG image of the original early 1960s style Daleks graces the front of Doctor Who Magazine No.487, on sale this Thursday 28th May.

The 84 page issue will be once again packed with features, plus another 12 page chapter of the comic strip Blood and Ice by Jacqueline Rayner, Martin Geraghty, David Roach and James Offredi. Jacqueline's script has been compelling so far and I'm keen to see where Part Three takes us.

There'll also be another Daft Dimension strip by me. Here's a little preview of one panel in the rough pencil stage and my completed version. Yes, The Doctor and Clara visit Blackpool... in 1894!

Can't tell you any more than that I'm afraid as my complimentary copy hasn't arrived yet due to the Bank Holiday postal delay, but look for the issue in newsagents and supermarkets this Thursday! £4.99. 

The official website will no doubt be updated this week with more info:


Dave Morris said...

Not quite the original design, of course, Lew, as those are Invasion of Earth Daleks from late 1964, not Mutants-style Daleks from '63/'64. You knew that, of course - sorry, I can't help nitpicking when it comes to Daleks :)

Lew Stringer said...

Very true, Dave, but wasn't the only update the addition of the dish at the back? The rest of the design, which is what's visible in the cover image, is still the original design isn't it? (I could be totally wrong of course and probably am.)

John Pitt said...

Yeah, it is the original design (front view), but not the original colours. Hey Lew, have you ever seen the CGI animations of the Dalek Chronicles by Altered Vistas? There are a fewexamples on YouTube. (I love 'em!)

Lew Stringer said...

I think I've seen a few clips John. Are they adaptations or new stories?

John Pitt said...

They're the back pages of TV21! Check out Zeg vs. The Emperor!

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