Sunday, October 04, 2015

Two new classic collections from PS Publishing

British company PS Publishing have announced two new hardcover collections of 1950s American comics. First up is Pre-Code Classics: Ghost volume 1, collecting the first seven issues from 1951 to 1953, complete with ads. 

"This was material that suggested unpleasantness rather than just stepped forward and pulled the old schlock-it-up lever" say the publishers. "Heartily recommended for the more discerning horror comics reader". Limited to just 2000 copies, the book is now available for pre-order for £36.99 here:

Alternatively there's a slipcased edition of just 300 copies available to pre-order for £44.99.

The other title is Roy Thomas Presents Planet Comics volume 11, with 336 pages of pre-code sci-fi, reprinting Planet Comics Nos.48 to 53 from 1947/48. The bookshop edition is limited to 1700 copies at £36.99 or there's a slipcased edition of just 300 copies at £44.99. 

Comics such as these were once banned and feared due to anti-horror comics hysteria in the 1950s they're now back in print for the collector's market. Check out the many other books available from PS Publishing while you're at it:

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