Thursday, October 01, 2015

Aces Weekly celebrates three years

Yesterday marked the 3rd anniversary of the award-winning digital comic Aces Weekly, published by David Lloyd, co-creator of V for Vendetta. For those of you who often ask "Why aren't there any new anthology adventure comics anymore", Aces Weekly is for you. Six all new strips every issue by a wide variety of creators that have included John McCrea, Herb Trimpe, Kev Hopgood, Yishan Li, Rachael Smith, Henry Flint, David Leach, Shaky Kane and many more. As for those who claim that online comics aren't real comics because they're not on paper, that's as illogical as saying music isn't music if it's not on disc. It's the 21st Century, baby! Like most media, comics can come in different forms these days. 
The line-up of the latest volume.
Here's what David Lloyd had to say about the anniversary of the comic...

"I am pleased to tell you that today Aces Weekly marks its 3rd birthday! It's  entertained readers with some of the best comics creators from around the globe in 18 Volumes of fantastic storytelling, and there are no plans for it to stop. Aces Weekly will be celebrating this happy event with a very special deal for buyers that will be announced very soon today! Meanwhile, we raise a glass to all our current readers and subscribers to thank them for their continuing custom and support, and to all our terrific Aces, who have made Aces Weekly the most amazing and varied, and radical and revolutionary, and extraordinary anthology of comics that can be found anywhere in the world! Cheers!"

As for the special deal that David mentions, they're Birthday Box Sets. You'll find it revealed on the Aces Weekly website at the line above.

As a sometimes-contributor to Aces Weekly myself with all-new Combat Colin strips I'm pleased to see it celebrating another anniversary and I look forward to contributing again in the future.


Richard Williams said...

I've subscribed to Aces Weekly from the start, mainly to support them and also to see what sort of material they would publish. I've always been pleasantly suprised with each volume and its the continued diversity which keeps my subs going. Its the only digital platform I subscribe to and I do tend to wait till the whole volume is published before I read it. Aces Weekly has a lot to answer for as I wouldn't have been introduced to the adventures of Combat Colin!!

Lew Stringer said...

That's good to hear, Richard. I'll pass on your comments to David Lloyd as I'm sure he'll be pleased with that too.

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