Tuesday, November 17, 2015

COMMANDO comics out this Thursday

The latest Commando war comics. All four will be in the shops this week...

Commando Issues 4863-4866 — On Sale 19th November 2015
Commando No 4863 – Legacy Of The Eagles
While researching his family history for a book, Ryan Carrick found out that he was descended from a long line of warriors. During World War II, however, he was stuck in a reserved occupation but eventually found a way to join up.
   From D-Day to the Battle of the Bulge, Ryan worked as a vehicle mechanic but also saw action. When two unscrupulous fellow soldiers discovered that their families could be disgraced if Ryan’s book were to be published, they set about trying to silence him. An age-old feud that had raged for centuries was about to end — once and for all.

With only a few notable exceptions — step forward the Convict Commandos — recurring characters have been rare on the pages of Commando over the last 50-odd years. However, we were of the opinion that you, our readers, might like a series which carried the story over more than one issue. With the pen of Ferg Handley recruited to do the writing, we decided that a historical saga spanning many generations would hit the spot.
   This saga began two years with the publication of “Eagles In Battle” (No 4655) in November 2013 — with twelve further instalments, including this, following after.
   As always, sincere thanks go to our comic creators. Ferg’s set of scripts were excellent and for one author to craft an ongoing story that began in Roman times and ends in the 20th Century was no mean feat. Thanks also to artist John Ridgway, who drew the first three stories, and, of course, to Keith Page for illustrating the rest. They all rose to the occasion.
   So, our century-striding, epic tale of three inter-linked, entirely fictional families has now reached its conclusion. This has been an ambitious project, something a little different for Commando but one that we hope you thought worthwhile. Enjoy the final chapter.

Scott Montgomery, Deputy Editor

Story: Ferg Handley
Art: Keith Page
Cover: Keith Page

Commando No 4864 – Desert Traitor
Thundering across the desert wilderness came the savage band of Tuaregs-veiled warrior horsemen. Suddenly their mounts faltered, shied and pulled up, to stand trembling. Amazed, the Tuaregs cocked their rifles and looked around for signs of an enemy. Nothing! Then, from beyond a high ridge ahead came again the strange, unearthly sound that had frightened their mounts. A kind of music, it seemed to be.
   They dismounted and crept over to the edge of the bowl-shaped depression. One by one their heads came up, until the hollow was ringed with them. Every Arab was pop-eyed at what he saw down there!

This quirky classic from 1965 features a maverick Scottish captain, in charge of a tough team who specialise in hit-and-run raids. Sound familiar?
   No, this is not an unseen tale from half a century ago featuring our popular “Ramsey’s Raiders” squad.
   Desert Traitor’s main protagonist, Captain Rory Maclean, may have some similarities to his fellow officer, Jimmy Ramsey, but these are genuinely coincidental, however surprising.
   So who knows, if such a thing as a parallel universe is ever discovered — perhaps its Commando readers are still enjoying the continuing adventures of “Rory’s Raiders”?
Scott Montgomery, Deputy Editor
Desert Traitor, originally Commando No 173 (July 1965)

Story: Bounds
Art: Vasquez
Cover: Scholler

Commando No 4865 – Viktor’s War
A proud Red Air Force pilot, Lieutenant Viktor Petrofsky flew his Yak-9 fighter above the skies of the Eastern Front, facing-off against the Luftwaffe and their deadly Focke-Wulf Fw190 aircraft.
   However, soon disillusioned by his squadron’s harsh treatment at the hands of their feared NKVD political officers, and then shot down by the Germans, Viktor’s allegiances were thrown into serious doubt.
   Now, technically a traitor, how would Viktor’s war end?

Story: Steve Taylor
Art: Jaume Forns
Cover: Ian Kennedy

Commando No 4866 – No Way But Down
If you’re an army glider pilot. You’ve got a dodgy job — landing yourself and your troops in the teeth of anything the enemy throws at you. 
   Hazardous at the best of times, it’s grimly suicidal when thick flak is coming up, the exploding shells chucking your frail Horsa all over the sky.
   If an unlucky burst cuts your tow-rope long before you reach your landing ground, there’s only one way to go — down…and fast!

This story packs a real punch, with a fictional insight into the dangers of flying into battle as part of a glider squadron. No Way But Down is brimming with aerial action, vividly brought to life by veteran Commando interior artist Gordon Livingstone.
   Gordon’s good friend and fellow veteran artist, Ian Kennedy, provides a stunning, moody cover, featuring his trademark aeronautical illustration the likes of which has been so highly regarded by comics fans throughout a career that has spanned decades and continues to this day. 
   Superb stuff.
Scott Montgomery, Deputy Editor
No Way But Down, originally Commando No 1052 (August 1976), re-issued as No 2387 (August 1990)

Story: Mclean
Art: Gordon Livingstone
Cover: Ian Kennedy


Phil Boyce said...

Beautiful Ian Kennedy cover there! Takes me right back to my childhood.

Lew Stringer said...

Yes, he's still got it!

Anonymous said...

How many of these pocket books fo you have Lew? I suppose you have the complete set or near as dammit? Lol. do you remember the other war library's they did? I had some gifted me, they were all ww2 stories. Tony

Lew Stringer said...

I don't think I have any Commando comics, Tony. I've bought a few over the years but haven't kept them. War comics don't really appeal to me, except for anti-war strip Charley's War and a few other Battle strips.

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