Monday, November 16, 2015

Weirdo Alert!

The new British comics keep on coming! Cartoonist Marc Jackson, who has created strips for The Beano, Aces Weekly, his own Man In Space comics and lots of other groovy stuff has just launched a new self-published comic, Weirdo Comics Annual 2015.  
Here's what Marc had to say about it:
"It’s a collection of strips from the past year featuring the likes of Cosmic Cliff runs in my local paper and the Red-hook star revue in NYC. A short preview of Duckless, my strip from Volume 15 of Aces Weekly, plus a number of brand new comics specially for this. An 8 pager ‘Get a job, Mr Pooch’, a 2 page collaboration with my writer friend from the US Jacques Nyemb called ‘Betty Spaghetti’ and a new super-hero comic ‘KA-PUNCH!’ which is hopefully going to be appearing in a UK based comics magazine early next year. Watch this space!"
It’s priced at £10 + Post and Packaging and is full colour. Copies can be ordered directly from Marc and he will event throw in a drawing too! Bargain!
Contact him at:

...or Twitter: @marcmakescomics

...or message him from his Facebook page at:

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