Friday, November 06, 2015

How to search this blog for your favourite stuff

While I take a blog break for a few days I thought you might like to search the archives if there's anything you're interested in. Newcomers might not be sure how to do this so here's a quick guide. 

Assuming you're reading this on a tablet or computer and not a phone, you'll see a search window at the top of the sidebar on the right...

Simply type in keywords for what you're looking for, eg: Tom Kerr, if you're interested in his art...

...and the results will appear.

Let's have another go. If you're looking for examples of the Steel Claw strip for example...

...and there you are. Click on each result to see the full post. (In your actual search that is. Not on this screen grab obviously.)

There's also another search window at the top left of the screen but results seem to be a bit slower to load as they include images. 

This blog has been around for nine years so there's lots of info here and hopefully you'll find it a good resource. Have fun! 


Anonymous said...

Some queries of mine:

Robot Archie
Tough of the Tracks
Mytek the Mighty
General Jumbo
The Waxer
The Brampton Keys
Blitz Boy

Have you ever done those ones?

Lew Stringer said...

The point is, Anon, that you use the search window to find out for yourself. You'll find it quicker than waiting for me to log on and do the work for you.

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