Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Sharp Art

Liam Sharp is an artist who's been in the business a long time, including work for Marvel UK, Marvel US, his own excellent Madefire company, and much more. This week he's illustrated the cover of 2000AD Prog 1976, in the shops today! 

...and in June, Liam becomes the new artist on Wonder Woman as the comic is relaunched with No.1. 

It's all part of the 'DC Rebirth' that sees all their comics revamped. Again? Yep, but I must admit I'm intrigued by several of the titles, and I'm definitely buying Wonder Woman now Liam's on board. Keep an eye on top comics news blog The Beat for more info about this and other U.S. comics.

Liam Sharp's Facebook page:

1 comment:

Manic Man said...

can't fault that art.. but for me, that's just not any Wonder Woman I'm interested in.. looks like they are still in the mid-90s mind set (More like Artemis then Wonder Woman).. not even sure Who is Wonder Woman these days.. Kinda lost track..

Lets just say Linda Carter and leave it at that ^_^ (that's Linda Carter the Actress, not Linda Carter the Marvel comics night shift Nurse from the 60s)

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