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Monday, April 18, 2016

Super Stoke!

I spent a very enjoyable day at Stoke Con Trent yesterday. A well organized event and a nice atmosphere to the whole thing. Thanks to everyone who stopped by my table including the young lad in the photo above who was very enthusiastic about comics. A promising talent too, as this drawing he did for me shows. It's full of life and fun, as cartoons should be.

Another person I met was Sam Smiff, a student who's produced his own mini-comic, Sin the Sloth. Some genuinely funny cartoons in here. Stick at it, Sam! 

All in all, a great weekend catching up with old friends and meeting new people. Great to hang out with Mike Collins, Steve Marchant, Simon Donald, Paul Grist, Marc Jackson, Grant and Eva Perkins, and even Trev and Simon off the telly.  My thanks to Adrian Tooth, John Charles and the team for their hospitality and smooth organization. 

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