Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Goons of the Galaxy!

Digital comic Aces Weekly celebrated its 4th birthday last week, and I'll be giving it more coverage soon, but for now I just want to focus on Marc Jackson's latest strip. Marc has been a contributor to The Beano, as well as producing his own comics, and his latest strip, Goons of the Galaxy, appeared in Aces Weekly volume 23.

Goons of the Galaxy has all the hallmarks of Marc's distinct retro-yet-fresh cartoon style, coupled with a good helping of comic daftness. It's an amusing, fast paced story that runs across all seven issues of volume 23 of Aces Weekly. Unlike most other strips in the comic, Marc uses the whole screen for each panel, so each three page episode is only three panels and therefore a very brief read. In that regard, I think it's better to read the whole story in one go, rather than in short weekly installments, to get the full benefit of the story. And now that volume 23 has concluded you can do just that. 

There are also five other strips in each issue by other creators, providing plenty of variety in style and content. If you're already a subscriber you'll know Aces Weekly is good value for money at only £6.99 per 7 issue volume. (Volume 24 is currently up to issue 3.) Go for it! 

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