Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Promoting VALIANT in 1962

Here's how the first issue of Valiant was advertised to readers, in a full page ad in Knockout dated 6th October 1962. This was definitely a case of Fleetway bringing in new comics to replace the old, as Knockout merged into Valiant the following year. 

Valiant enjoyed a long, healthy run, absorbing Smash!, TV21, and Lion along the way until it eventually merged into Battle in 1976. By then, the "NEW, EXCTING, DIFFERENT" Valiant had itself become old fashioned (despite a valiant attempt at a revamp, pardon the pun) and it was time for the grittier new comics such as Action and 2000AD to take over.

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SID said...

The sixties brought along some great comics. A pity I was too young to appreciate them at the time.

Hedley Williams said...

Oh boy The Captain and football league ladders. Valiant or Lion ? Such a choice

Lew Stringer said...

League Ladders were a must every year. As I'm sure you now, they later became a regular free gift in Shoot!

Yes, Sid, we were certainly spoilt for choice in the sixties regarding comics. Loads of American imported comics too, on spinner racks in almost every newsagent. Comics were a big deal (and very profitable) for shops back then.

SID said...

If I was reading adventure comics at the time, Hedley, I would had them both and Smash! and TV21 and Eagle and...and...and... :)

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