Friday, April 21, 2017


Okay, strictly speaking it's called Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition #46 - Toys, but it has "Summer" as the cover date, it's a Special, and Summer Special trips off the tongue much better. 

This time, the 100 page special focuses on Doctor Who licensed products such as toys and games, covering their entire history over six decades. This isn't a mere listing of products, but a detailed insight into the background of the items, and the people and companies involved in making them happen. 

Comics aren't included because they were amply covered in a previous special two years ago (see here) but there is one strip from the Give-A-Show Projector Set shown. Superbly illustrated throughout with numerous photographs of various items, press clippings, advertisements and suchlike, this is a must-have for anyone interested in Doctor Who toys. Published by Panini UK and available now for £5.99.

Also out from Panini this week....

INCREDIBLE HULKS #10. On sale 20th April! FINAL ISSUE!
76 pages of gamma-charged action! Three awesome stories! £3.99!
So what happens when Marvel's two green heroines finally meet? Trouble! She-Hulk and Gamora team up! By John Layman and Otto Schmidt!
Also: an untold tale revealed at last! Joe Fixit battles the West Coast Avengers! By Jim McCann and Agustin Padilla!
Plus: The Maestro now has the power of a god! Don't miss Contest of Champions by Al Ewing and Rhoald Marcellius!
Featuring material first printed in Guardians Team-Up #4, Hulk Smash Avengers #4 and Contest of Champions #10.

WOLVERINE & DEADPOOL #10. On sale 20th April!
76 pages of claw-popping action! £3.99!
Wolverine is recruited by SHIELD to battle a monstrous enemy – and wait till you see who it is! By Tom Taylor and Marcio Takara!
Also: Deadpool wants to avenge his parents – by killing Sabretooth! A savage new story begins by Gerry Duggan and Matteo Lolli!
Featuring material first published in All-New Wolverine #8 and Deadpool #6, 8-9.

AVENGERS UNIVERSE #10. On sale 20th April!
76 pages of Earth’s Mightiest heroes! £3.99!
A new adventure! Deadpool, Rogue and Quicksilver encounter Hank Pym – and Ultron too! By Gerry Duggan and Pepe Larraz!
Also: The All-New Avengers encounter the all-new Wasp! Plus: the search for Nova's father begins as the team heads into deep space! By Mark Waid and Mahmud Asrar!

Featuring material first published in Uncanny Avengers #9 and All-New Avengers #9-10.


Stephen Parry said...

Panini are doing some excellent special issues of DWM. Still working my way through the "Robots Special". The Toys/Games one looks intriguing.

Shame about The Incredible Hulks. I was buying it, but my enthusiasm was waning. I like Totally Awesome Hulk, but A-Force and Contest of Champions left me feeling cold.

I always thought the best period for a UK Hulk title would have been the early-to-late 90s. With reprints of Peter David's run, classic stories and other spin-off tales, it may, in my view, have rivalled Panini's Spidey title. There appears to be a general malaise about the Hulk now. If it hadn't been cancelled, I may not have had the enthusiasm for it much longer.

Still, we'll no doubt see Hulk in MWOM or elsewhere in the years ahead.

I think, unlike some characters, there isn't enough compelling Hulk material to fill a reprint. I recall a late 80s Hulk title, but he had to share space with Dr. Who, Indiana Jones and G.I. Joe.

Lew Stringer said...

The Hulk was my favourite Marvel character years ago and although it's a shame the UK comic has been cancelled I wasn't too interested in the new version of the Hulk anyway. (Neither were many others with the sound of it or the comic wouldn't be ending.)

I'd welcome reprints of those Peter David Hulk stories but I think Panini want to keep everything contemporary. Also, I don't think classic stories are popular enough these days, sadly, which is why they were dropped from the Panini comics.

Ah, if only Panini were still allowed to produce new Marvel material. Then we might see some great new Hulk stories featuring the 'real' Hulk!

Chris B said...

I think the Hulk goes through waves of popularity over here. I remember that reader complaints eventually got it replaced in the old Marvel Heroes Reborn Collectors Edition with The Avengers. The latest Hulk CE launched with a wealth of US material and now a few years later not as much. Vol 3 clearly struggling to fill all three slots every month and it's the only CE with no direct big movie to support it (MWOM goes with Guardians and Doctor Strange of late), with Hulk very much in supporting roles in the MCU.

Deadpool Unleashed replaces it - nice nod back to the Wolverine Unleashed days. Apparently the main title still going to run in Wolverine & Deadpool so will be interesting to see the balance. However with Deadpool also seemingly a semi regular fixture in both Astonishing Spidey and Avengers Universe, you do wonder how much appetite the public have for the merc with a mouth.

Lew Stringer said...

My favourite Hulk stories are the ones from Tales to Astonish. Mainly because they're the ones I read as a child (when they were reprinted in Smash!) but also because they're the basic essence of the character; misunderstood monster on the run. It was also a period before other writers took over from Stan Lee and made the Hulk too childlike. I appreciate that those stories would seem too corny for today's kids though so Panini are unlikely to put those in a monthly comic.

I've never liked Deadpool or Wolverine as characters. Old fashioned as it is, the Marvel heroes of my youth always avoided killing, and stabbing enemies was a no-no. I've enjoyed the movies though, but I'm glad that Logan was the last Wolverine film. The franchise has run its course I think.

Stephen Parry said...

I agree with the points raised by Chris B. I do think the Hulk goes through waves of popularity here.

I recall, around 1994, sending a letter to The Exploits of Spider-Man title, requesting a Hulk comic. At the time, I desired a reprint title which reprinted contemporary tales, classic tales and the Peter David run (with perhaps Hulk appearances from non-Hulk titles filling the slots). In 1994/95, I could have imagined that having a chance at least.

With the modern Hulk CE, it just felt like filler. I was enjoying Totally Awesome Hulk, but the A-Force and Contest of Champions stories left me a tad cold.

As for Deadpool, I do fear he'll be overexposed. I'm not enjoying his team-up with Spidey in Astonishing Spider-Man. It's great he's got his own title, but if it were up to me, Wolverine & Deadpool would become something else: I'd keep Wolvie (obviously) but give the other slots to the likes of Gambit, Cable, etc.

My own view is that I'll soon be tired of Deadpool with him having his own CE, being in Astonishing Spider-Man for a period, sharing a title with Wolverine and being in Avengers Universe. Even the best are in danger of being overexposed.

Lew Stringer said...

Nothing is permanent of course. It's quite possible the Wolverine comic could be shared by another character at some point.

I enjoyed Contest of Champions. Good fun stuff. Ten issues was enough though.

Stephen Parry said...

Personally, Lew, I think Wolverine & Punisher has a ring to it!

Or at least a rotating slot featuring Cable, Gambit, Punisher, etc. I shall buy Deadpool Unleashed, but my enthusiasm for Wolverine's title may wane if they keep Deadpool as a back-up slot. I'd prefer variety.

Lew Stringer said...

I don't think they're able to publish Parental Advisory stories like The Punisher as those Collector's Editions are aimed at all ages.

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