Saturday, April 29, 2017

SPACE ACE No.8 is here!

It may only be published three times a year, but editor John Lawrence keeps to a regular frequency and always delivers a quality comic. Ron Turner's Space Ace No.8 is out now, featuring more classic work by the late, great artist Ron Turner. 

This 40 page issue reprints four short Space Ace stories from the 1963 publication The Book of Space Adventures. Each story has been recoloured, re-lettered, and remastered by John Ridgway, so in effect it's a new version of the classics and a team effort between the two artists. 

There's also a four page article written by John Ridgway, where he explains his painstaking process to colourise the strips. 

There's also a lively two page letters section rounding off the issue. 

In this age of multi-part story arcs, crossovers, and "event" comics, it's a refreshing change to have short, self-contained adventure stories. Something of a lost art in many cases. Fans of Ron Turner will be happy to see this latest issue and I hope anyone genuinely interested in classic British comics will buy it too.

Ron Turner’s Space Ace is not available in newsagents. Issue 8 costs £8.95 UK, £12.50 for Europe and £14.50 for international orders. Copies may be obtained via PayPal (please use friends and family option) at: Otherwise cheques (UK funds only) payable to: John Lawrence, to 39 Carterweys, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, LU5 4RB 

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