Monday, October 16, 2017

DWM 518 preview

Here's a quick preview of Doctor Who Magazine No.518, in shops this Thursday, 19th October. Packed with news, reviews, interviews, and more. Plus another Daft Dimension from me! Don't miss it!


ParryS said...

Subscription copy came today.

Running out of adjectives to praise Lew's "The Daft Dimension", but another good one.

Plus, I got a letter printed so I'm ecstatic.

There are a lot of interviews in this issue. In fact, there are six. I'm so pleased (Tennant is one of them). We are used to one, two or often three interviews - but six pleases me no end. The interviews are often among my favourite aspects of the magazine.

Another great issue. And very wordy, too. It does take a while to read each issue of DWM and that pleases me in an era where there are quite a few magazines which, whilst good, can be read in an hour or less.

Stephen Parry

Lew Stringer said...

Thanks, Stephen. Don't forget to mention that you like The Daft Dimension next time to write to them. It all helps.

Yes, they pack a lot into DWM! I don't know how they manage to produce 84 pages every four weeks. Definitely a more informative a better researched magazine than some on the stands.

Lew Stringer said...

Attn: James, I haven't published your comment because I'm not putting language like that on this blog even in a quote. I was aware of the matter, I think whoever did it is a cowardly, spiteful little idiot, but it's best it's not given any more publicity before it damages the licence and we all lose out.

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