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Monday, September 03, 2018

STRIKER returns to newsagents next week!

Who says British comics are dead? Thanks to the dedication of its creator Pete Nash (and the support of readers via a crowdfunding project) the football comic Striker will be revived on September 12th as a weekly comic on sale in newsagents and by subscription.

The long-running Striker strip has quite a history from its origins as a daily strip in 1985 in The Sun, evolving into a CGI strip, and springing off into a weekly independently published comic in its own right in 2003. Sadly, despite the best efforts of Pete and co., it didn't survive beyond 87 issues (but even that was a longer run than many mainstream comics managed). It ended up back in The Sun, then went to Nuts magazine, then back to The Sun again... rather than me explain it all, you can read all about its history here:

Now, Pete Nash is reviving Striker comic and, like the 2003 version, will be a 32 page weekly. It'll be distributed to newsagents and will have a very reasonable cover price of £2.70. - Or you could make sure of your copy (for a slightly cheaper cost) by subscribing for just £30 for 12 issues. (That's what I've done.) Here's the link:

I felt that one of the drawbacks of the previous Striker weekly was that it alienated its potential younger readership by including pin ups of CGI topless models and suchlike. Let's hope the new version is appropriate for all ages to maximise its audience.

We'll know more about the new Striker comic when it's published next week, and you can also keep up to date with info by following the Striker website:

Well done to Pete Nash for having the determination to revive Striker as an independent weekly comic, and let's wish him and his team good fortune for the title. 


James Spiring said...

The Planet Striker website just relaunched and the 12 week sub link no longer works. Here's the updated url:

Stephen Parry said...

Finally found this (two WHSmith branches didn't have it in either the football or comics sections).

I wish it luck. I have to admire Pete Nash's persistence.

I don't follow football, but I always enjoyed the soap opera elements of STRIKER. Also, I like how it moves along in real time. I want my superheroes to remain "timeless", but happy with real-time progression in STRIKER.

Be great to follow STRIKER's new journey!

Lew Stringer said...

A really useful thing is the Shop Finder on the website. Type in your post code and it'll show you which local shops stock Striker!

Lew Stringer said...

ParryS said...

Thanks, Lew, that'll be helpful. Checked Co-Op, WHSmith and SuperNews today. No joy!

Stephen Parry

Lew Stringer said...

It's easier to subscribe. Issue 2 arrived today.

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