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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Lorna Miller's colourful characters

Just another short post today as I've used up all the pre-written material for the blog and I need to catch up on work after my recent / lingering illness. (Don't panic. It's just a severe chest infection.:)) However, I'd like to give a plug to an artist who makes my Team Toxic strip shine every issue: Lorna Miller, who colours the strip for Toxic magazine every fortnight.

Normally I'd colour my own work but Lorna was already colouring the artwork of the previous artist on Team Toxic before I took over the strip four years ago, so it was only natural and fair that she should continue with those duties. Not that I'm complaining, as Lorna does a fantastic job, often against the deadline, and I've never been displeased with her stunning work.

However, not only is Lorna Miller a highly proficient colourist, she's also a respected cartoonist / comic artist, from her self-published comic book Witch to exhibitions in Europe, the UK and the US. Her website is at where you can view a great selection of her work. (Kids and "sensitive" adults take note: some of the strips are quite, "colourful" in their language and plots. Hey, you see what I did there? ;-))

As for Toxic, the latest issue (No.89, shown above) is out today, priced £2.25, bagged with a stack of free gifts. The official Toxic website is at

1 comment:

Bob Byrne said...

Yeah I done a swap for all the WITCHES with her and was very impressed. But then I was flicking through a Crumb sketch book and there was a few drawings he done of her characters. Truely talented.

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