Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Discotronic Funk Commandos!

While the news media creates a climate of fear and society seems be in a spiral of despair, the 21st Century also offers a wealth of entertainment to take our minds off the apocalypse on our doorsteps. One such distraction is the number of hidden gems on the internet, - and no, I don't mean porn. Wash yer minds out, - I'm talking about comics!

A few decades ago, a walk to the newsagent was all you needed to see what comics were available. Today it requires a bit more detective work to find additional various comic gems on the internet so I was pleased to hear from artist Simon Williams recently when he pointed me in the direction of his online comics Discotronic Funk Commandos!

As Simon's website tells us: "At last, I've finally got around to updating this, the Discotronic Funk Commandos page! Oh, and what an update I have for you! On this page, you will now find TWO comic stories featuring everyones favourite funky Superteam! Yes, folks...... presented here, for the very first time are the complete versions of the Funk Commando tales 'Lost In Music' and 'Enter Metalhead!' And this includes pages that have never been shown before ANYWHERE! You will be introduced to some cool new characters..... including the Grand Avenger, and Disco Inferno's evil henchman.... Grimwart! These stories were drawn during the years 1997 and 1999 - before I started my career as a professional comic artist.... so I hope you get a kick out of seeing my work from back then! Anyways, I hope you like these two titanic tales (which feature cameos from myself, and a certain Mr. Jason Cardy... see if you can spot us!). and rest assured that someday... the funky saga of the Discotronic Funk Commandos WILL be continued!"

Two full comics can be read online at:

It's good humoured escapist fun, and I found myself laughing out loud in several places. Not only is the story amusing but the artwork is enjoyable too; solid professional work all round.

You may be familiar with the work of Simon Williams from various Panini UK comics such as Marvel Rampage and Spectacular Spider-Man. Here's the cover he illustrated for the 2005 Incredible Hulk Annual:

More examples of Simon's work can be found on his nicely designed website at: http://soulmaninc.co.uk/index.html


Anonymous said...

Good work in your comics blog, it's a nice one. I have a new comics directory site. Its nice sunday comics directory and everything you want to know about comics and more...

Hypersonic said...

Nice to see your blog Lew, I remeber a shit-load of your stuff from when I still lived in Blighty and this is a wonderful reminder and an antidote to the stuff out there. I came to you through that nice young man, Eddie Campbell's blog.

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