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Friday, July 10, 2009

Comic Celeb Goss - Superbloke and Trowel!?!

With his Brickmobile accidentally colliding with thought captions, Brickman plunged to his doom off a big cliff five months ago but his partner Tina Trowel seems to have moved on since she suddenly announced she was dating Superbloke in last month's issue of Elephantmen (issue 20).

However, already cracks seem to appearing in the relationship faster than a quick-baked brick. Can Tina really find true love with a man who loves his pecs more than her? Can Superbloke trust a woman who once dated arch-villain Mister Cheese?

Find out all the juicy goss in The Secret Diary of Tina Trowel, the latest page in the ongoing Brickman saga, in this month's special edition of Elephantmen, War Toys: Yvette on sale now from all discerning comic book stores. ($3.50).

The other 35 pages of the comic are pretty good too. More details of those here:

1 comment:

SG said...

Genius. That's the funniest comicbook panel I've ever read. There's a laugh in every line!!

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