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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Beezer Blog

I never really read many issues of The Beezer when I was a kid. Some comics I was very loyal to, others I'd try out for a few weeks and change my preferences back and forth, but I gave them all a good run except for The Beezer. I think I only had three of four issues of it all through the 1960s. Funny thing is, I've no idea why it never hooked me. It was a good, solid comic, in no way inferior to any other comic of the period and in fact was better than some. I enjoyed all the other D.C. Thomson funnies as a child, - Dandy, Beano, Sparky, and Topper, - but The Beezer never grabbed me. Strange.

However I'm pleased to see that there's now a smart new blog dedicated to the comic. Created by Simon Mackie The Beezer's Golden Years is still in its early stages so there's not a lot on there yet but it's developing nicely and looks like it'll be worth bookmarking. I'm sure many of you reading this will have been big fans of the comic and will enjoy Simon's blog. I certainly will, - I want to see what I missed!

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