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Saturday, January 16, 2010

January Commandos

The first issues of Commando comics for January 2010 are in the shops now, or you can subscribe at:

More information from editor Calum Laird...

The latest batch of Commandos includes the first two of four re-issues of classic Ian Kennedy illustrations for Commando. No 4261 was the first cover he executed and 4262 was the first complete book he did for us.

Desperate Despatches brings to a close the adventures of the Headline Heroes created by Norman Adams and given from by Keith Page. The popular newsmen have fought their last battle… or have they? A groundswell of opinion on the Commando website is asking for the reporters’ notebooks to be re-opened. Who knows if that will happen?

The Ghost Front is set in the Ardennes, the third of three stories based round the Battle of the Bulge and, sadly, the last contribution by Ricardo Garijo who passed away last year.

Coming on January the 28th are two more classic contributions from Ian Kennedy, a high-explosive story from Alan Hebden and Keith Page plus high-flying tale from the pen of Sean Blair and the brushes of José Maria Jorge.

Commando No 4259: Desperate Despatches

The year was 1901 and a run-in with “The Mad Mullah” of British Somaliland was all in a day’s work for the intrepid war reporters of the Trident newspaper, working alongside rival scribes Charles Black and Ned Bly.

Sent to South Africa to cover the final stages of the Boer War. Not much of a story there, they thought. But with a rogue Boer Commando unit on the rampage and the return of an old enemy, there most definitely was a story to tell. And you can read the exclusive right here, of course. Prepare to be thrilled by the


Story: Norman Adams

Inside art and cover: Keith Page

Commando No 4260: THE GHOST FRONT

In December 1944. After a six-month-long, hard-fought advance by the Allies, the Ardennes sector of Belgium seemed so quiet it was nicknamed “The Ghost Front” by troops stationed there.

All that changed with the shock German offensive which became known as The Battle Of The Bulge.

With his fellow soldiers reeling from this surprise attack, First Lieutenant Sam Bendis – a Signals Corps Field Photographer – would have to step up to the challenge of leadership. He and his new buddies would have to dig in…and fight to the death if need be.

Story: Ferg Handley

Inside art: Ricardo Garijo

Cover: Ian Kennedy

Commando 4261: SEEK AND STRIKE

High over the Mediterranean appeared the Junkers 87s to raid and pummel the Allied convoys bound for Malta. Their deadly work done, the Junkers flew off and disappeared…no one knew where. Time and again it happened.

But the day came when these killers met their match - a sturdy old Fairey Swordfish that took to the air with a torpedo slung below her belly. One, plane, one torpedo — but she’d finish them all.

Story: Roger Clegg

Inside art: Amador

Cover: Ian Kennedy

Commando 4262: COUGAR SQUADRON

In the skies over Vietnam, the Americans and the North Vietnamese fought for supremacy day after day. When expert tactician Major John Gardener was given command of the crack Cougar Squadron, he thought his great planning skills would make all the difference.

But he quickly found out that tactics on the ground did not always work in the air. Especially when you are up against an enemy who is every bit as cunning and able as you are!

Story: Ian Clark

Inside art and cover: Ian Kennedy

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