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Saturday, February 05, 2011

The Sonic years

In the late 1990s and early part of this century I was one of the writers on Egmont's Sonic the Comic, the official Sonic comic licensed from Sega. As STC was primarily a light adventure title as opposed to slapstick humour I was commissioned as a writer only, not as a writer/artist. Not that I minded, as the work was plentiful and it was exciting to see my scripts illustrated by such fantastic diverse talents such as Richard Elson, Mike McMahon, Nigel Dobbyn, Andy Pritchard and others.

It was a comic that all of us involved were very proud of as it was a solid adventure comic in its own right rather than taking the easy option of being yet another licensed title full of stock images. Subsequently it ran for much longer than anyone anticipated and was one of the most successful British comics of the last 30 years.

The readers of STC were often loyal and passionate about the characters and still are, years after the comic ended. One of those old readers recently interviewed me about my work on Sonic and you can read it by clicking this link:


Manic Man said...

And it was a pleasure to interview you and thanks for this plug ^_^

James Spiring said...

Sonic the Comic was so successful that Egmont actually approved a fansite continuation.


Felneymike said...

My brother used to get this, it was the adventure comic we grew up with, in lieu of Victor, or easily-available Commando!
We'd even discuss what was happening in it at school and agonise over cliffhangers in a way that most people think children stopped doing in the 70's! (Mind you living in a small village we were a bit more old fashioned)
I may have to get on Ebay and start collecting... and binding!

Tom said...

James, that site isn't Egmont-approved, although some of the original artists and writers have been very supportive of the endeavour (none have objected either), and Sega even linked to it on their blog at one point. Given it was a licensed title, and the artists maintained the rights to their original creations, I'm not sure what Egmont could have to do with it anyway!

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