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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Smart Advice

Brilliant cartoonist and writer Jamie Smart has unleashed some wise words from out of his brain over on his blog. If you want to do comics, it's worthwhile reading what Jamie has to say about what you can expect when your work is published (or even self-published). Here's an extract: "If you want to draw comics well, you need an intelligence behind you, a certain level of awareness. When you’re at school, learning irrelevant minutiae does seem pointless, but when you leave you realise it was all to raise your general smarts."

Having experienced some nasty online abuse himself, Jamie has some words to say about "fans" who do little but bitch about things they don't like: "most will just move on and find something else they enjoy instead. The rest, the tiny proportional slither left, the very few who’ve seen your work, and dislike it, and don’t want to move on, THEY will comment on it, because they seem to believe their opinion is very important. And they, are stupid. Because art, by its very nature, is subjective.It would be impossible to create art everyone enjoys, and why would you want to?"

All interesting stuff, with some commonsense advice for people starting out in comics. To read it all, visit



Jamie = genius. His critics should shut their pie holes and get a job.

Lew Stringer said...

They're entitled to an opinion of course, and no one expects anyone to like *everything*, but the seething anger behind some criticism is just weird.

Quite frankly if some adults find modern cartoon styles unpalatable they'd be better off sticking to their nostalgia and ignoring it.

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