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Friday, August 07, 2015

Bunny vs Monkey, round 2

Speaking of Jamie Smart (as I was in the previous post), the second volume of his comic strip Bunny vs Monkey has just been published. Told in Jamie's usual hyperactive and hilarious style, the book collects more strips from The Phoenix weekly. 

Here's the promo:

"Everyone LOVES Bunny vs Monkey!
Welcome to the Woods! A peaceful home. That is, until...
It's Monkey in a hovercraft that fires lasers!
Science and nature fight again! With robotic worms! Trojan mooses! 
And lemony doomsday devices!
It's the continuing battle between good and evil...
It's Bunny vs Monkey: Book Two!"

So much for the claims by some out of touch individuals who try to spread the myth that British comics are dead. There are so many titles out there it's hard to keep up! Treat yourself to this lively volume today! Available from bookshops, or to buy online directly from the publisher:

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