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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

COMMANDO features the Mexican Revolution

It's not all about World War 2 you know! Commando often delves into other historical conflicts and this week they feature an issue set in the Mexican Revolution. Here's the info on that issue and the three others available this Thursday...

5099: Home of Heroes: Into the Wild

Never was there a more unlikely team: Commando Captain Tom Wilson, who surrendered to the Waffen SS in the Dunkirk retreat and got his entire squadron killed; his second in command, the loyal Lieutenant Charlie Shaw; South African big game hunter, Rene Muelens; short and stocky tough guy Commando, Tony Lewis; Digger Smith, built like a brick outhouse; and Otto Kramer, their Polish German guide.

They may not trust each other, but they were the Allies’ only hope of rescuing a Polish eugenics scientist and putting an end to his dangerous experiments.

A thrilling story from Jim and David Turner, the eco-political themes resonate today, while Rezzonico and Morhain’s artwork builds on the sense of menace and foreboding from Janek Matysiak’s cover, the wolves proving just as bloodcurdling throughout!

|Story | Jim & David Turner | Art | Rezzonico & Morhain | Cover | Janek Matysiak |

5100: Gold Collection: Clash of Giants

Fighting like warships on the sea of sand, British battle cruisers and Panzers roamed the empty deserts of North Africa. But when his brother’s tank was destroyed by friendlies in a Beaufighter, Garry Connel would never forgive the men who fired on him. So, when a single parachute falls from the hit aircraft, Connel sees red, casting the surviving airman out into the desert winds – leaving him to die. But, Connel was quick to realise that with Nazis disguised in British khakis, and enemy and Allied aircraft viewing them as a target, then maybe he might need the Pilot Officer’s help after all…

Bellalta’s stunning interiors hurl gale-force winds and deadly siroccos at the reader, as Allan’s story throws us straight into the perils of 1941 North Africa, right alongside Tommy pongos and tank crews.

|Story | Allan | Art | Bellalta | Cover | Ian Kennedy |
Originally Commando No.  508 (October 1970).

5101: Action and Adventure: Viva Villa!

Over two dozen battle-hardened Federales charged the deserted village of Puebla where the Gomez brothers stood alone against them. Taking cover in an adobe hut, the only thing that stood between them and President Huerta’s men was a Colt-Browning machine gun. But after two years of revolution had ravaged Mexico, leading to a lengthy civil war, Hector and Carlos Gomez would do whatever it took to protect the villagers.

Richard Davis’ western-edged Commando combines the heart of ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’ with the unforgiving setting of ‘The Wild Bunch’. Meanwhile, premiering a brand new ‘Mexican Revolution’ badge for Commando, Carlos Pino’s scorching cover shows the Gomez brothers’ true grit as they fire at the reader, their explosive bullets reflecting the blazing sun behind them!

|Story | Richard Davis | Art | Carlos Pino | Cover | Carlos Pino |

5102: Silver Collection: Strike from the Sea

Lieutenant Steve Pitt checked everything twice, meticulous on every mission and his men trusted him implicitly… that was until Lieutenant Bob Travis joined his special REME unit. You see, Pitt wasn’t always so careful, and, according to Travis, his own ego and carelessness had caused the death of his father! It was a vendetta Travis would forever hold – but would he let it get in the way of their mission?

Roger Sanderson’s ‘Strike from the Sea’ serves us two memorable characters of classic Commando conceits, but also delivers on a tense, top notch Special Operation, with our heroes dodging Jerries left, right and centre, each stage of the mission a surprise.

|Story | Roger Sanderson | Art | C. T. Rigby | Cover | Phil Gascoine |
Originally Commando No. 2682 (July 1993).

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