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Friday, February 23, 2018

New STRONTIUM DOG collection coming in March!

On sale in four weeks' time is Strontium Dog: Repo Men, a new softback collection from Rebellion by the always-excellent John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra. It features three Johnny Alpha stories: The Stix Fix, Repo Men, and The Judas Strain. Here's the info from the publisher...

CREATIVE TEAM: John Wagner (w) Carlos Ezquerra (a) Simon Bowland (l)
REGIONS: UK, worldwide digital
RELEASE DATE: 22nd March 2018
PAPERBACK, 146 pages
PRICE: £14.99 (UK) $18.99 (US)
ISBN: 9781781086438

The Search/Destroy agent Johnny Alpha is still alive. Having wreaked vengeance against the humans that plotted the ‘final solution’ to mutant-kind, he is released from prison for one last job in deep space that only a Strontium Dog can do. And with the freedom of his friends on the line he has no choice but to accept… Now that their careers as bounty hunters are off the cards, his mutant friends have a new job proposition. They are hired to repossess ‘The Rock’ - an asteroid space-station owned by a galactic crime lord - and to succeed they must pull off a heist of galactic proportions!

Here's a four page preview...

Available in print from: book stores, Amazon, and comic book stores via Diamond

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