Monday, August 29, 2011

Birmingham Comicon Pics

I had an enjoyable day at 2011 BC on Saturday. The one-day event at the Holiday Inn, Birmingham saw a good number of fans, pros and semi-pros mixing in a friendly, laid back atmosphere and time really flew by. Sadly Mark Millar was ill and couldn't attend, but superstars such as Dave Gibbons, Ian Churchill, and Chris Sprouse were there.

As I was busy sketching (and signing the Spirit of Hope book) and catching up with old friends I didn't have time to take as many photos as I usually do at these events. However, here's the handful I did snap...

It's dynamic David Leach, creator of Psycho Gran (as seen in Oink! and Nemi) and currently editor of Titan's Spongebob Squarepants magazine. Smile for the camera! Oops, too late.

Here's a quick shot of the main hall, with dealers offering a variety of stock including independent comics, back issues of American titles, graphic novels, and vintage British comics. There's Tony Hitchman in the foreground, giving away his brilliantly funny four-page comic Target:Crime.

It's the inimitable Kev F Sutherland with his range of self-published comics, Hot Rod Cow, Sinnerhound, and Captain Clevedon. (Reviews to follow in a later posting.) You can visit Kev's blog here:

Good to see Bambos Georgiou again; another cartoonist I've known for about 30 years. Bambos was the creator of Ratman way back when, and has been busy working in the industry since then, as an artist and an editor. Recently he's self-published quite a few titles too, including Fun Bumper, Weird's Finest, and Stab. I'll review them here as soon as I have time.

Eva Perkins was busy all day at the Comic Alliance table promoting Spirit of Hope. If you don't already know about this very worthwhile book, you can find out more here:

Last but not least here's inker supreme Mark Farmer, busy sketching away and not noticing the two cavegirls behind him. That's the comic biz!

Thanks once again to James Hodgins, Shane Chebsey and the gang for organizing another great show!

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