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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Go Toxic!

The website for Egmont's popular Toxic magazine for boys has recently had a revamp. Although some of the older items such as the Joke Machine have gone, the site now offers a bunch of new features, including one of my Team Toxic stories, Butt of the Joke, that you can read online for free.

Go to and click on the Comics tab to read one of Team Toxic's early encounters with the villainous Butt-Face!

There's a new issue of Toxic in the shops right now and it's a bumper 48 page issue bagged with a bunch of gifts. (I did the artwork for the Prank Pack.) News that will interest readers of this blog is that there are a couple of brand new comic strips starting in this issue. Luke's Spooks features a boy haunted by a couple of gross ghosts, and Bro vs Bro, drawn by Laura Howell, is about the rivalry of two brothers, one a boy genius, the other a sports jock.

The new strips join Busted Bieber and stinky superhero Captain Gross, who debuted recently in the comic, and my long-running Team Toxic strip. There's also a reprint of an older Team Toxic story in the back of the mag, bringing the page count of strips this issue up to seven and half. That may not seem many, but it's seven and a half pages more than some kids' magazines have these days.

Toxic No.189 is out now, priced £2.75


The Amazing Wilson said...

I bought the last few issues.What struck me was how your style appears to be the house style at Fleetway now.(Well it looks like the other cartoonists are being told to copy the way you draw characters and the gross factor humour.)Congrats on becoming the new Roy Wilson!!

Lew Stringer said...

Thanks but I'll never reach the glories of the great Roy Wilson! I don't think the other Toxic artists are copying my style at all. They each have their own styles.

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