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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bad Karma

On the left, my cover to Oink! No.53, published in 1988, as seen on my website.

On the right, the title screen for the iSqueeze app for the iPhone, advertised on the Apple website and on sale through iTunes, 2011.

Perhaps they thought I wouldn't notice.

You'd think a company calling itself Karma World might be a little more careful not to risk attracting bad Karma upon themselves wouldn't you?

(Thanks to Harry Rickard for bringing this to my attention.)


Harry Rickard said...

No problem Lew, but if you could also credit George Shiers, he was the one who alerted me about this. :)

George Shiers said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Matt said...

That's bloody disgraceful!

Worra swipe!

Matt Badham

Hackers said...

I hope you've contacted them... you want paying!!!

Steve said... You should add it to this, loads more artists getting ripped off!

Lew Stringer said...

An e-mail has been sent to them, Hackers. Now it's up to them to make a move, or not.

NP said...

It's the most striking example of plagiarism I've seen in a long while. This one comes to mind as the worst-ever offender:
But there are, unfortunately, hundreds of others. That Nick Simmons case a year or two back was pretty bad. The trick is to change something enough to make it look like your own work, but I suppose you have to be able to draw to do that.

Hackers said...

Looking at 'Youthoughtwewouldntnotice' was actually quite an eye opener and very depressing. Looks like there's little you can do to stop people doing this (unless you have a lot of money to pursue it). :(

Darrell said...

Shocking rip-off of my favourite Oink cover!

Seems they have also mocked up a picture of a zit-free Pete with neater hair for in the game.

Lookie here:

It's only the sincerest form of flattery when they pay you!

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