Monday, June 22, 2015

Frank Hampson art for sale

Image from The Art of Frank Hampson site.
Peter Hampson, the son of Frank Hampson, the creator of Dan Dare, has launched a website and gallery of his late father's work. Some of the classic Dan Dare pages from Eagle are up for sale, as are some pages that Mr.Hampson illustrated for Ladybird books. 

The Dan Dare pages are not cheap but after all they are important works in the history of comics and the quality of the illustration is so superb. There are few UK comic characters as iconic as Dan Dare, and Eagle changed the face of British comics forever.

There's also a gallery of original pages that are not for sale, such as The Road of Courage artwork telling the story of Jesus. 
Image from The Art of Frank Hampson site.
You can take a look for yourselves over at The Artwork of Frank Hampson at this link:

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