Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Psycho Gran is back this week!

Artist/writer David Leach has created an all-new five page Psycho Gran strip for the latest edition of award-winning digital anthology Aces Weekly. The story, entitled Psycle, sees Psycho Gran encounter the bane of pedestrians, - a selfish cyclist who rides on footpaths. It won't end well... for him!

It's a great little strip that's sure to entertain fans of Psycho Gran who have followed her since the days of Oink! comic. You'll find it in this week's issue, Aces Weekly Volume 16, No.7.  Don't forget that Combat Colin was in last week's issue, so if you subscribe to Volume 16 for just £6.99 you'll get Psycho Gran, Combat Colin, and a load of other all-new strips too. Why not give it a go? Here's the link:

Don't forget that Psycho Gran also appears in her own one-off digital comic, available on Comixology. More info here:

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