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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

A Life Under Lights

I'm not usually that interested in autobiographical comics but one I'm definitely looking forward to is Life Drawing: A Life Under Lights, the memoir of Jessica Martin. 

I'm sure many of you will also be interested because Jessica's had (and is still having) a fascinating and busy life that's covered stage, screen, and comics. A gifted impressionist, singer, and actress, Jessica is also a talented comics creator, with her comics It Girl and Vivacity, and her debut graphic novel Elsie Harris Picture Palace proving to be popular amongst her readers. 

Any one aspect of Jessica's busy career would make a great comics story in itself but her memoir will cover her work on television (Copycats, Spitting ImageDoctor Who), musical theatre (Me and My Girl, Elf), comics, and much more.

Life Drawing: A Life Under Lights is a crowdfunded project, which means the more you pledge, the more you'll receive in bonus items etc. To find out more, visit the following link and please support this exciting venture:


Jessica Martin is also appearing in the leading role in Ballroom, at the Waterloo East Theatre from May 12th to June 4th. To find out more see here:

To book your tickets, visit here:

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