Wednesday, May 17, 2017

If it's Wednesday it must be BEANO day!

Here's Nigel Parkinson's cover for this week's Beano that goes on sale today. It's issue number 3885, and I wonder; is there anyone out there with a complete set? (Apart from D.C. Thomson of course.)

In these days of American publishers re-numbering comics with every revamp, it's good to see that the Beano has never felt the need to follow such a fad. Beano readers aren't put off by the high number on the cover. They just want a comic that delivers the laughs!

This week's issue features plenty of all-new fun from creators such as Laura Howell, Wayne Thompson, Nigel Parkinson, and more, and a couple of strips by me too. Never Be Without A Beano! Out now!



Wonder if it'll make its 4000th issue, in 27 months' time, or even its 80th birthday next year? I'd say yes in both cases: there's something indestructible about the Beano! Doesn't seem like 36.5 years since I was reading issue 2000; flipping was though!

Lew Stringer said...

I think it's safe to say it'll celebrate both those milestones.

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