Monday, May 01, 2017

Birmingham Comic Art Show Announcement

The Birmingham Comic Art Show, part of the Birmingham Comics Festival, will now be a one day event, not two as they previously announced. The venue will still be Birmingham University, and it'll be free entry (but you'll need to order your ticket). 

Here's the press release...

On Saturday 24th June Birmingham City University will host The Birmingham Comic Art Show, part of this year’s month long Birmingham Comics Festival.

Originally booked for the whole weekend, internal restructures within the university have prevented developments moving at the pace required for this to take place.

While some of the activities intended will be postponed until 2018 when Birmingham celebrates its 50th anniversary of hosting comic book conventions in the UK, Saturday 24th June is now going ahead as an apéritif to that particular feast.

The Birmingham Comic Art Show rebrands the festival’s convention under its own name and restores its heritage by using its historically renowned one for such activities.

What's more the Birmingham Comics Festival is making a long-term commitment to uphold this heritage and therefore invites you to this event free… Yes, you read it correctly, free!

To obtain your free ticket, visit:

To keep up with developments, guest announcements, etc, visit this website:

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