Monday, June 26, 2017

Missed Deadline Magazine at Macc-Pow!

Cover by Shaky Kane
Another good reason to attend Macc-Pow! this Saturday is that you'll be able to find information on Missed Deadline magazine, the upcoming revival of '90s comic Deadline

Jessica Kemp and Ed Hilyer will be there, and you'll be able to find out how to get access to the digital issue 0 of Missed Deadline.
Down at the Old Hope in Hell by Mark Stafford
What's in that zero issue? Weird and varied comics from people such as Mark Stafford, Craig Conlan, James Howard, David Leach, Marc Jackson and more. Some material is new, some you may have seen before, but it's all good stuff. 
Chicken Boy by James Howard
Ghost Cat by Craig Conlan
Psycho Gran by David Leach
My favourite was the UKIP spoof, BKIP, by PM Buchan and Phillip Marsden, about a bear version of UKIP. Mocking Farage and his ilk never gets old.

Come along to Macc-Pow! at Macclesfield Town Hall on Saturday and find out more!


ChanneZeroX said...

I think would be more interesting to read a comic that instead of reeling out the same tired old "have you ever noticed all racists say 'some of my best friends are'", and "all Brexiteers are pith-helmeted tea-guzzling Mao-Mao-baiting Empire-mongers", we could see someone tackle a strip that acknowledges that both 'sides of the divide' have a point, and that we sure as hell need to start respecting each other if we're going to make a success either of Brexit, or of bailing out of Brexit.

This can only happen by communicating as equals rather than trying to take the moral high ground, otherwise we will only foster ever greater resentment of each other and never hear anything other our adopted choirs-already-preached-to. If you think there's nothing to discuss, and that Farage is simply fair game for forever and a day, more power to you, but the his 'side' will then ever spin out trite old complaints about the country being held back by 'Remoaners' and Ultra-left 'snowflakes hellbent on stifling all free speech to spare anyone's tootsies ever being stepped on.

We all have to grow the hell up and listen to each other instead of hurling insults at each other. I was hoping for better from the new Deadline, but if this and a thirty-two year old Psycho Gran strip reprinted from Oink is the best it can offer, I guess I had better look elsewhere for my entertainment.

Lew Stringer said...

Racists are always fair game for parody. You should know that. The moral high ground is the only stance to take against such people.

It's a shame that a new venture is greeted with such cynicism. How's that comic strip of yours coming along? Perhaps you could submit something?

ChanneZeroX said...

The comic strip is coming along well enough for me, thanks, Lew. I'm learning about protecting myself legally as much as on the strip itself, Kirby and Kane and many others have taught me that enough. That's not say I've got the new Superman or whatever but I'm nobody's fool. Thanks for offering to look it over, I will send you something when I can.

I don't see Farage as racist, just misguided and an opportunist. To you, that's being apologist, but to me it's painfully obvious. I won't beat the drum about my own race again after this, but yes, I'm black and while that doesn't give me an elevated perspective on the matter it certainly doesn't give may any less of one than you.

And yes, there is no other stance to take with actual racism than the moral high ground, but there is a difference between patriotism and nationalism, national pride and bigotry.

People aren't racist for supporting English or UK sports team over country's teams. Or publicizing UK comics endeavors over the rest of the world.

The English football team is rightly comprised of players from all nations who take pride in integrating here, and nobody is asking them to disown their countries or cultures of origin, just for them to be as inclusive as they rightfully would expect so-called indigenous 'Britishers' (said from behind my monacle and duelling scar) to be.

All that said, you've made your bed, Lew, I know well enough that it is as pointless to try to engage a staunch leftist as a raving rightist. I identify them by the fact that they both employ ridicule rather debate to make further their points.

Lew Stringer said...

We'll have to agree to disagree over Farage, Michael. I think his methods are repugnant and they've demonised immigrants. Particularly that poster he unveiled on the same day that Jo Cox was later murdered by a racist thug. I think UKIP are partly to blame for racism surging to the surface in this country and posters like Farage proudly presented himself before only serve to reinforce prejudice, not solve any problems with immigration.

Anyway, this topic is about Missed Deadline magazine, not a debate on race relations.

ChanneZeroX said...

Fine with me, here's one on topic: maybe Missed Deadline shouldn't tackle subjects they don't want responses to.

Lew Stringer said...

Perhaps you could send them a letter of comment when you've bought the comic and read the full story?

ChanneZeroX said...

Fair enough.

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