Thursday, June 29, 2017

Wonder Woman returns

When Titan Comics published a Wonder Woman Special Edition last month it seemed it was a one-off, but presumably sales were good enough to warrant an ongoing status, and Wonder Woman No.2 is out now. 

Wonder Woman's UK comic has some excellent material too, as it features the first three parts of The Lies, the sensational storyline by Greg Rucka and Derby-born Liam Sharp. 

"In this issue we're featuring parts 1-3 of “The Lies”, in which Wonder Woman tries to rebuild her mission as Earth’s ultimate protector and champion. Daughter of the Amazonian Queen, Hippolyta, Princess Diana of Themyscira is one of the greatest super heroes in history.

She fights for truth and justice, and against cruelty and oppression, with god-like power and her Lasso of Truth. But who is she, really?"

Wonder Woman No.2 is available from WH Smith, selected newsagents, and comic shops, or you can order it directly from Titan Comics here:

...and if you want to see some of the original artwork, along with other pieces from Liam's 30 year career, there's currently an exhibition of his work at the Derby Museum and Art Gallery. More information here:


ParryS said...

I wish it luck. I'm still not convinced Titan has the right idea (their UK titles seem like almost an afterthought), but they deserve goodwill.

Lew Stringer said...

I just hope it lasts long enough to complete 'The Lies' storyline.

Craig Grannell said...

Six quid, though. When all other comics like gigs are four. :/

Lew Stringer said...

That's including postage. It's not that price in the shops I hope, is it?

Craig Grannell said...

£4.99, it seems. Still a quid over what you'd expect. Ho hum.

ParryS said...

I know the relaunched Justice League of American title is £4.99 (first time I've bought it, no idea if that's the regular price).

Perhaps they have higher prices for bi-monthly titles.

Stephen Parry

Lew Stringer said...

I think all of their comics are bimonthly now, Parry. £4.99 does seem counter-productive against Panini's £3.99 comics but I guess it's unavoidable. in theory, the higher price will also encourage more retailers to take the comics (a big ask, to expect shops to keep the same stock on their shelves for two months). In practice though, I'd think it's more likely to put readers off.

ParryS said...

Oh, I didn't know their comics were all bi-monthly.

I do want Titan to succeed with its DC titles (I don't mean to keep attacking them), but we seem to have fallen since the days of London Editions Magazine/Fleetway - and Panini's brief DC tenure.

I can't help but think Panini's avuncular approach may be a factor, if only a slight one, in attracting readers. Sure, it's the stories and characters that attract, but take Panini's new Deadpool CE: editor Scott Gray, as he does with all of his titles, is avuncular and is always telling us to write in, e-mail, etc. The way he and Brady Webb write, it's like they are saying, "Come on, gang, be a part of this, buy our titles, write in, etc."

Titan aren't avuncular. They are remote and distant. Can anyone name a Titan DC editor without looking it up? They haven't even made a big effort to invite readers to write in. When Panini lacks letters pages, Scott and Brady have a sense of urgency about them ("Write in, folks!"). It almost seems like Titan's DC titles are an afterthought (the countless printing errors/next issue sale date errors make me feel that is the case).

It's sad. DC Comics' UK licensees were more avuncular and successful, whether that be London Editions Magazines' titles or Panini's Batman: Legends. Titan just don't appear as committed or enthusiastic about their DC output. It almost feels like their DC titles are akin to a "cottage industry", a mere afterthought to their TPB range.


ParryS said...

Does anyone know of a company that, in theory, could take over the DC licence given how non-communicative and inconsistent Titan are?

I doubt Panini would want to take on several DC titles.

Titan aren't fit to do it, in my view. I'm just trying to think of a company that would be capable.

Lew Stringer said...

I think Titan are doing the best they can with characters that are never going to be as popular as Marvel. I would guess Titan may have a few years to go before they or anyone can renew the licence.

It's a tougher market to crack than it used to be in the London Editions days. There are a number of factors affecting sales, such as some WH Smiths keeping the comics for older kids behind the counter and not on general display, so anyone publishing UK DC comics will have that to contend with.

lonelywolf23786 said...

Hey ParryS,

I believe the reason why JL costs £4.99 is Titan is releasing it in a 100 page format.

Before, when their titles costs £3.50, when they release a 100-page special, they bumped it by 0.49p to £3.99.

lonelywolf23786 said...

Worse thing is, I used to collect their comics but now seriosuly putting off buying them at the moment.

I am collecting Batman and All Star Batman atm, but after 6 issues of Batman, I will stop (even though it means I have to buy the 3rd volume of Batman Eternal tpb, cos Batman is only up to to 38 I think, but they got 14 issues left, and the rate they publishing it, it will be 2 years time that series is finished)!

From now on, I'm just buying the tpb of Batman and Detective Comics when I have the chance.

David page said...

pretty much the same boat i am in. the gact eternals nowhere near done is insane

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