Tuesday, June 13, 2017

R.I.P. Adam West

Batman bubble-gum card, 1966.
The only bad thing about the Comic Expo at Brighton on Saturday was when the news broke that actor Adam West had passed away. For many of us, Adam West was THE Batman, as we'd discovered the Batman TV show before we'd even seen a Batman comic strip. 
Adam West with co-star Burt Ward.
Back in 1966, Batman made such a huge impact on pop culture. Every little kid wanted to be Batman, thanks to Mr.West's superb performance. Older comic purists of the time may have been dismayed that the TV show wasn't taking itself too seriously but for millions of us it was perfect. With a dry, earnest delivery and a straight face, Adam West helped ensure that the TV show worked on two levels; an exciting adventure series for children, and a marvellous superhero spoof for older, more savvy viewers. That's quite a feat to pull off, but it worked.
Me patrolling the front doorstep in 1967.
The Batman TV series was a direct influence on me creating Brickman, so I'll always be grateful for that. Adam West was due to be a guest at the London Film and Comic Con next month but sadly we'll never meet him now. 

Thanks for the many hours of TV entertainment and happy memories, Adam West, millionaire Bruce Wayne of stately Wayne Manor. 


Hedley Williams said...

Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel and we would rush home from Dorking Grammar to watch.....burned in to our cultural of the 60s

Ken said...

I will never forget the excitement I felt going to see the Batman movie in 1966. Adam West will always be the Batman for me.

Lew Stringer said...

Yes, wonderful film. The first time most of us had seen Batman in colour too! (Still my favourite Batman film.)

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