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Monday, September 24, 2012

Return of the Jungle Princess

It's always good to see a comic from an independent publisher continue beyond its first issue as it shows sales of No.1 must have been decent. Therefore I was pleased to receive Savage! Jungle Princess No.2 the other day from Kult Creations.

Created by John Short and Gabrielle Noble, the second issue is, like the first, another fun adventure of jungle girls, Nazis and dinosaurs in a 22 page full-colour adventure story. There's also a letters page this issue, which always adds the personal touch to a comic I think.

Let's not beat around the (jungle) bush though. The main draw of the comic is pure cheesecake. Savage and her companion Friday Robinson grow closer this issue and their outfits are even skimpier than before, but certain parts of the body are still covered and the story manages not to cross the line into pornography. (Although there is some innuendo and a scene where the two women try to escape their bonds amusingly leaves it up to the reader to determine what's actually happening.) As I said in my review of issue one, this is closer in tone to the jungle comics of the 1950s, with a wink to the reader to read into it what they will.

As with issue one, Savage! No.2 was good fun. The script moves along at a good pace and the artwork is clear. Proper comics, in other words. Roll on issue three!

Kult Creations have produced some good stuff so far and they're definitely a company to watch. You can meet publisher/writer John Short and check out his comics when Kult Creations have a table at the London Comic Mart on 30th September and at the Thought Bubble event on 17th/18th November.

You can also check out the Kult Creations blog here where you can order copies of Savage! Jungle Princess and other titles that aren't available in the shops. 


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