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Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Tough of the Track is back!

Fuelled by a diet of fish and chips, Alf Tupper The Tough of the Track was a recurring character in Victor comic. Tomorrow he runs again "for one last challenge... the Great North Run" in the pages of Friday's Daily Mirror!

The strip will be a special one-off, illustrated by Barrie Mitchell (veteran artist of numerous strips including the second series of Brian's Brain in Smash! in the 1960s). 

A collection of Tough of the Track classics will also be published soon, as reported on this blog back in July: 

Update 14/9/2012: The Tough of the Track pull-out in today's Mirror features four pages, three of which comprise the comic strip in full colour. Although uncredited, the script is by Ferg Handley (writer of numerous Commando comics and UK Spider-Man strips) with artwork by Barrie Mitchell. 

Each page is packed with panels, but it looks as though the strip was originally drawn for a different format. It's clear that some panels have been reorganized and resized, squashing or stretching artwork (sadly a increasingly common occurrence in some comics these days) to fit the Mirror's tabloid format. Nevertheless, it's a fine job from Ferg and Barrie and it's good to see Barrie Mitchell, and Alf Tupper, back in comics. 

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