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Saturday, May 31, 2014

MONSTER MAG - Back from the dead!

In the 1970s poster magazines were big in the UK. Physically as well as in sales. One of the most popular was Monster Mag, with details of a horror movie on one side and a huge 2 foot by 3 foot poster on the reverse. Bearing in mind that, at the time, film mags such as Famous Monsters were in black and white, Monster Mag was spectacular as it was entirely in glossy full colour. Admittedly the content was slim, but the poster was the selling point. 

Issue 2 of Monster Mag was banned and destroyed in the UK by HM Customs and Excise for its horrific content. However, Dez Skinn (who was editor of the second series of Monster Mag) has now republished that long lost issue! 

Here's the details from Dez's eBay page:

Believe it or not, the long-lost 1973 second issue of MONSTER MAG is finally available in English, 41 years late!
Deemed unsuitable for an all-age market, the entire print run to the English language MM #2 was destroyed by HM Customs & Excise back in 1973, leaving an annoying gap for collectors who have snapped up the German and French editions for as much as £1000 each, just to fill their gaps!
Now, finally, series creator Roger Noel Cook and relaunch editor Dez Skinn have come together to produce an authentic limited edition full-size reproduction of this absurdly rare item. 
Identical to the real destroyed thing except for the Quality company symbol replacing the original Warner Bros symbol on the cover and a reference to the digital remastering in the editorial block (to avoid any naughty passing off) it is now finally available.

Stocks are limited, but you can order your copy from Dez by clicking HERE.

For more info about Monster Mag and related titles, visit Dez Skinn's fascinating website:

And apparently this is only the start. Monster Mag is coming back! Follow the title's continuation on Facebook:

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Didn't know there'd been some Fahrenheit 451 stuff going with this mag series. I guess what may seem pretty tame by today's standards might have been way too full on in the early 70s.

Good to know the man who gave us Warrior is still in publishing too.

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