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Monday, May 12, 2014

Thunderbirds revisited

Browsing Amazon the other day I noticed that on August 28th, Egmont UK are scheduled to publish five softback Thunderbirds books reprinting classic stories from 1960s comic TV Century 21 featuring artwork by Frank Bellamy and others.

Each 48 page book utilizes cover art that was originally seen on the Thunderbirds the Comic fortnightly in the 1990s. 

I must admit to being surprised that these stories are being reprinted again so shortly after the Thunderbirds Comic Collection that was published last year, as these books seem to contain the same strips. That hardback is still available, and is actually a cheaper way to obtain the stories. However, it looks like these five softback books will be similar in format to European albums such as Tintin, so perhaps will be more enticing to children (and booksellers). 


BeanoMaster said...

I can imagine this is because there is a revival of Thunderbirds on Itv next year

Unknown said...

There is one strip included that's not in the book, Jungle Adventure (Bellamy). It's in Volume 4.

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