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Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Here comes... COSMIC COMICS!

A surprise addition to The Treasury of British Comics, Cosmic Comics is a 68 page softback produced under licence by indie publisher Hibernia Comics. Perfect for those wanting to see more humour strips from the archives, Cosmic Comics is a compendium of some of Kevin O'Neill's earliest mainstream comics work from comics such as Tornado and 2000AD

Here you'll find Kevin's Captain Klep, Dash Decent, a few Future Shocks, some of the excellent covers he illustrated, and much more! Writers include Dave Angus, Kelvin Gosnell, and me! (Yes, The Truth About Santa that Kevin and I collaborated on is reprinted from The Oink! Book.)

The book is a fine tribute to Kevin O'Neill's early work with strips that have rarely been seen since their first printing. Brilliant stuff showing that Kevin is in Ken Reid's league for detailed, manic humour artwork. A must buy!

Cosmic Comics is ONLY available by mail order and you can get it directly from Hibernia Comics here:


Hibernia Comics said...

Many thanks Lew, glad you enjoyed it, and for you help too!

Idstone said...

Thanks, Lew - it was a rewarding challenge working on the repro and design for this, and I hope we've done the material justice!

Paul Mcscotty said...

That's good news I always loved strips like these and Kevs cartoon art is always a joy (his work always reminded me of Wally Woods cartoons) I will look out for this one thanks for letting us know.

Lew Stringer said...

Wally Wood was one of Kevin's influences I believe.

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