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Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Hey look! Comics!

It's been a while since I promoted my own comics on this blog so this is just a reminder that as well as working in mainstream comics I also self publish my own. There are several titles available, reprinting some of my strips from the 1980s and 1990s in nice slick comics with brand new covers! 

Currently available:

Combat Colin Nos.1 to 3, reprinting the stories that appeared in Marvel UK's Action Force and Transformers comics. Scanned from the original artwork and printed in sharp black and white on quality paper. Each issue has 40 pages.
Derek the Troll, reprinting the complete series that originally appeared in Warlock and White Dwarf magazines in the 1980s, PLUS the second half of the comic collects the complete Rock Solid, Space Hero, an early SF strip of mine that appeared in Swiftsure comic in 1985. 32 pages.

Pedantic Stan the Comics Fan, reprinting the strip that appeared in Speakeasy magazine in 1990. Co-created with John Freeman, who wrote the early scripts. 16 pages. 

There are also the last remaining copies of Brickman Begins! left. A 152 page pocket-sized soft back published by Active Images in 2005 that collected all the early Brickman strips from 1979 to 1996, with guest art by Dave Gibbons, Kevin O'Neill, Charlie Adlard, Alan Davis, Hunt Emerson, Mike Higgs, Tim Sale and many more. Intro by Alan Moore. 

They're available exclusively from me at my website here:

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