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Thursday, May 30, 2019

It's COMICS SALOPIA this weekend!

What does "Salopia" mean? Well, it's an old French word, Salop, for Shropshire, so a comics convention set in Shrewsbury has adopted the name for its premiere event this weekend, 1st and 2nd June, as Comics Salopia takes place in various venues over town.

With guests from the UK and overseas, Comics Salopia sounds like it'll be an exciting show as readers meet comics creators such as Charlie Adlard, Sean Phillips, Aneke Murillenem, Chip Kidd, Yanick Paquette and many more! 

As I said, we're in various locations across town, and you'll find me in the grounds of Shrewsbury Castle alongside fellow Beano artists Nigel Parkinson, Laura Howell, Hunt Emerson, and Beano editor John Anderson! 
Then, between 12 and 1p.m. on Saturday we'll be trekking over the river to the Guild Hall (room 021) for a Beano panel to talk to the audience and answer questions about Britain's longest running comic.
After that we'll be back at our stalls in the Castle grounds. 

This is the first event of its kind in Shrewsbury, and the weather forecast is good, so I hope you'll join us! More info here:

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