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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

This week's COMMANDO comics commemorate D-Day 75th anniversary

Latest press release directly from D.C. Thomson...

75 years since brave men stormed the beaches at Normandy, ready to fight tooth and nail to reclaim occupied land. 

As part of the D-Day 75 remembrance, Commando is releasing a commemorative set of D-Day themed Commandos. From the sappers at dawn break to the Commandos on the beachhead, brand new issues 5231 – 5234 are out this Thursday!

5231: Home of Heroes: First Men Ashore

First up to commemorate 75 years since D-Day is First Men Ashore. A story that focuses on the little-told heroism of the sappers on that fateful day. Writer Iain McLaughlin was inspired by the true events in the predawn hours of Tuesday 6th June, 1944, where the 32 Armoured Engineer Regiment RE cleared the minefields ahead of the vital D-Day landings. Without those courageous sappers, the beach would have been a catastrophe for the Allied troops who were due to land at 0600 hours.  

| Story | Iain McLaughlin | Art | Muller & Klacik | Cover | Neil Roberts |

5232: Gold Collection: Big Joe

Rough and ready boxer, Big Joe Barton is geared up for D-Day. Wronged by a nasty SS Captain who cheated during their match, Big Joe is determined to get even – and no little thing called D-Day is going to get in the way of his fists! With classic cover by Lopez Epsi, this Commando is a belter! 

| Story | Fitzsimmons | Art | Cortes | Cover | Lopez Espi|
Originally Commando No. 203 (1966). 

5233: Action and Adventure: Dead by Dawn

Kate Dewar is Commando’s second female writer in 30 years and she smashes into comics with a whopper of a story! Dewar’s plot starts on the morning of the D-Day landings but focusses on the events of Battle of Port-en-Bessin on 7th June, 1944, where the brave Royal Marine Commandos took the Nazi stronghold. As Dewar says:

“The issue was inspired by a meeting with Royal Marine Commando re-enactors at Military Odyssey in Kent last year. Researching one of their main tasks, Operation Aubery, I knew it would be the perfect setting for a Commando and a great way to commemorate the 75th D-Day anniversary. It’s also a story about family being more than blood and the bonds between these men, all of whom were volunteers.”

| Story | Kate Dewar | Art | Manuel Benet | Cover |Manuel Benet |

5234: Silver Collection: Marked Man

Inspired by Operation Bodyguard, our protagonist Pete Barton – of no relation to Big Joe – is tasked with a mission no man would want; to plant fake invasion plans on a dead British Commando. Only, when everything goes wrong, he’s pegged as everything from a coward to a spy to an actual German soldier! It doesn’t matter to Pete, what really matters is that those fake plans get into Nazi hands – at any cost necessary! 

| Story | Bounds | Art | Gallindo | Cover | Gonzalez |
Originally Commando No. 570 (1971).

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