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Friday, June 07, 2019


Rebellion have today revealed the cover to their upcoming Tammy and Jinty Summer Special which will be published on Wednesday 26th June, with 52 pages for £4.99. 

As you can see, the new cover by Lisa Henke replaces the previously advertised one by Mike Collins. The decision was made to focus on the new character, Rocky of the Rovers, who debuts in her own strip inside. (Mike's art will still appear, albeit as a pin-up.)

The all-new special has a great line-up of talent and some revamps of classic characters along with new ones. Some solid material here, so let's hope it's a success. I'll be previewing the strips here in a couple of weeks but for now here's the list of stories and creatives involved...

UK, NORTH AMERICA and DIGITAL: 26th June 2019 £4.99/$7.99

In this issue:
JUSTINE, MESSENGER OF JUSTICE: SOME "MINO" TROUBLES by Emma Beeby (w) PJ Holden (a) Dearbhla Kelly (c) Jim Campbell (l)
ROCKY OF THE ROVERS by Rob Williams (w) Lisa Henke (a) john Charles (c) Jim Campbell (l)
AFFIRMATIVE ACTION by Andy W. Clift (w+a) Mike Stock (l)
IN THE COLD DARK by Matt Gibbs (w) VV Glass (a) Mike Stock (l)
MAISIE'S MAGIC EYE by Kate Ashwin (w) Kel McDonald (a) Mike Stock (l)
SPEED DEMONS by Sarah Millman (w+a) Jim Campbell (l)
DUCKFACE by Rachael Smith (w) Yishan Li (a) Jim Campbell (l)
THE ENIGMA VARIATION by Grainne McEntee (w) Dani (a) Jim Campbell (l)
BELLA AT THE BAR by Rachel Ball (w) Vanessa Cardinali (a) Jim Campbell (l)

Available in print from: newsagents and comic book stores via Diamond
Available in digital from: 2000 AD webshop and apps for iPadAndroidWindows 10


John Kerry said...

The only feature I recognized is Bella at the Bar. rocky of the Rovers sounds interesting, but then I am a soccer fan thanks to the Carson's Cubs feature in Lion back in the sixties.

Lew Stringer said...

Rocky is Roy Race's sister and her story in this is just five pages but it's a lively, positive strip that's one of the highlights of the special. I think it'll go down well.

McSCOTTY said...

Excellent idea for Rocky of the Rover with Wthe Women's World cup etc. Very cool cover as well I will need to check the artists other work. . Loved Carson's cubs as well John but my favs were always" It's goals that count"and Hotshot Hamish/Mouse"

John Kerry said...

I had been thinking daughter, but now that I think about it the son was Rocky in the later stories, at least if my memory of what I read somewhere is accurate. Haven't seen a Roy of the Rovers comic since at least 1986.

Idstone said...

Lovely cover - I like what I assume is the selfie pose (nicely-staged without being overdone), and Lisa Henke is a real talent and a great catch for Rebellion. Very impressed with the specials so far, and even when they've misfired on the occasional strip or creative decision the whole push has been in entirely the right direction.

Trying to thread the needle on these isn't an enviable task, and I think it's to the editorial team's credit that they're doing as good as they are.

Lew Stringer said...

John, the current Roy of the Rovers stories are a complete reboot (pardon the pun). Roy is 16 again, in the modern age. It wouldn't have worked to continue the old series as a) Roy had his foot amputated, and b) too much backstory for today's kids to relate to. Better to revamp the whole series for a new generation.... BUT the old stories are being reprinted, so everyone is happy.

Robert Carnegie said...

I looked back at Mike Collins' picture, still strangely familiar :-) I presume Rocky is the character there with a football, but, yes, less prominent!

Lew Stringer said...

Yep, that's Rocky. I presume you haven't been following the new series of Roy of the Rovers where she first appeared?

Robert Carnegie said...

I'm not crazy for sports or sports comics. I might make an exception for the story Mike Collins seemed to be offering :-) Looking at his picture again, which could be an update of "The Sports Commentator's Nightmare!", the footballer's hair is different from Rocky on the new cover, but I won't be surprised if hair style and colour is another dimension in the life of a young sportswoman in comics - for that matter, a lot of the boys nowadays are trying out for Barnet Fantastico.

I'm wondering about the flying people in the first picture, and the lady with the bow and presumably arrows in the new one - is Bella at the Bar doing Swan Lake? In a version where Odette takes pot shots at Odile or vice versa... all I know about the recent film is that it got psychiatric.

Lew Stringer said...

Hi Robert, There isn't a story by Mike Collins. He drew the original cover which is now a pin-up. The story titles are listed above and I'll show some preview pages next week.

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