Monday, February 04, 2019

COMIC SCENE returns to newsagents on February 21st

The first issue in the new series of Comic Scene will be on sale from Thursday 21st February. You'll find the 68 page glossy magazine on the shelves of WH Smith and Easons, plus various comic shops!

Comic Scene is the only magazine on the high street that is dedicated to features about comics, so give it your support. The new issue spotlights football comics and carries articles on Roy of the Rovers past and present, Billy's Boots in Holland, Striker comic, and more. 

Plus other features, including free gifts in comics and an excellent article on the late, great Mike Western! 

If you'd prefer to subscribe to the magazine and receive it in the comfort of your own home, you can find out how to here:

From Vol.2. No.2, on sale in March, I'll be on board Comic Scene as a regular columnist too, so those of you who enjoyed this Blimey! blog will find the same sort of focus there, as my features will be mostly on humour comics and creators of bygone years.

...and last but not least, the Comic Scene Podcast goes live this week:

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