Thursday, February 21, 2019

The popularity of girls' comics

Admittedly I haven't posted about girls' comics very often here. Not because of any irrational dislike of them but because I haven't read that many. As a boy growing up in the 1960s it just didn't occur to me to read comics for girls, and as I didn't have a sister we never had such comics in the house. Later on, I guess I assumed the stories were just based around romance and ballet and wouldn't have any appeal. 

It was Pat Mills who piqued my curiosity as he's often championed girls' comics (and of course he created Misty for IPC 41 years ago). Going on Pat's recommendation I bought the first two years of Tammy and the second year of Misty from eBay sellers, along with a few copies of various other titles such as Diana and Bunty. Pat was right. The stories in girls' comics often have more of an emotional punch, whereas boys' comics tended to be more about punch-ups. Subsequently the stories in comics such as Tammy and Misty engage the reader more with the character, rather than the conflict. The differences aren't always that simple of course but that's it in a nutshell. 

Obviously Pat and his fellow editors of those classic girls' comics knew what they were doing as sales were often higher than the boys' weeklies. It's tragic that the market has been lost, but Rebellion hope to try and reignite it this summer with a new Tammy and Jinty Special on 27th June!

I still haven't read many of the girls' comics I bought but I'll get around to it. (I have loads of other unread comics and books to get through.) 

Anyway, my main reason for this post is to let you know that Pat Mills is currently writing about girls' comics on his blog, and as he knows his stuff it's worth a look:

Pat's blog is worth visiting any day of course. With over 40 years experience in comics his insights into his craft, and the industry, are essential reading. Don't forget to buy his books too! Read 'Em and Weep, a fictional story closely satirising the UK comics industry is brilliant. Two books at present, and unmissable!

To find out more about girls' comics, Jenni Scott's blog is definitely a place to go:


Peter Gray said...

thanks for the blog list...

Nutty Big D said...

Back in the mid 60s, when Lady Penelope came out as a companion comic to TV Century 21, it was popular with the boys!

Lew Stringer said...

So I understand, but I only had the first issue, thought out was too girly, and never bought it again. I've bought a handful since though. Some examples are on this blog if you type Penelope in the search window.

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