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Saturday, February 09, 2019

The funniest strips in British comics history

Humour is subjective of course, but I've never met anyone who grew up on the work of Ken Reid who didn't think he was a genius. As far as I'm concerned, Ken produced the funniest strips ever seen in British comics; in particular his 1960s work for Odhams when he was at his peak. 

Last year, Ken's entire output for Odhams was collected into two quality hardback books published under license by Irmantas Pavilaika. Volume 1 collects all of Ken's Frankie Stein and Jasper the Grasper strips that appeared in Wham! and Volume 2 features the complete Queen of the Seas and Ken's stint on The Nervs that he did for Smash! and the complete Dare-A-Day Davy that appeared in Pow! 
Under the title The Power Pack of Ken Reid, the two volumes feature excellent printing and reproduction of those classic strips, and also carry bonus feature pages with exclusive never-before seen artwork from Ken Reid! 
Rebellion (who now own the rights to that material) recently had a limited number of the books on their online store, and swiftly sold out. However, the good news is that Irmantas still has copies left and you can buy them directly from him from his webshop:
Each book contains 200 pages of top quality material and are the definitive collections of a great comics creator at his very best. The volumes deserve a place on your bookshelves, so don't miss out!

Order them today: 

The Power Pack volumes are a perfect accompaniment to the two books published by Rebellion; Faceache and Creepy Creations. You can order those here:
...and there's even a Faceache T-shirt available now! Order that from the Treasury shop too!


The future of this blog:
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Anonymous said...

Its the covers that put me off. That's not Ken Reid artwork!

Lew Stringer said...

Well, *don't* be out off by the covers, or you'll be depriving yourself of two quality books about a quality artist! Admittedly the covers are the weakest aspect of the production, and I'd have preferred to see Ken Reid art used instead, but - please - don't let that put you off. These are great books!

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