Saturday, February 23, 2019

Robo-Capers art for sale

As several people have been asking me if I have any of my original Robo-Capers strips for sale, I've put a couple on eBay this week. I don't have many left now so when they're gone, they're gone. (Unless the buyers resell them in the future of course.) Some of my earliest published work!

Robo-Capers was a humour strip I created for Marvel UK's The Transformers comic and ran there for about three years in the mid-1980s until it was replaced by Combat Colin when Action Force merged into Transformers. 

People have often asked me ion I'll be publishing a Robo-Capers collection. I'm afraid not, as the rights are still held by Marvel (and I can't see them publishing a humour book anytime soon).  

Anyway, as I said, there are a couple of my Robo-Capers strips on eBay. This is the original art, over 30 years old but still flat and clean. Take a look if you're interested. Bidding ends this Sunday, 24th February... 

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